Thursday, October 1, 2009

We're on a roll!

I have to revise the post I left this morning, because of my blogging ignorance I didnt notice that Danielle had signed up too!! Yea Danielle!!! I'm excited, she has a lot of great tips AND recipes! :)

First, let me say Yea!!! Didis on board!!! She carries a big whip too so she'll keep us(?) in line :)

Today is WALKtober 1st. The weather is starting to cool down so get out there and walk walk walk!

My goals for today: I'm going to walk the loop (1 Mile) and I will have NO soda today!!! Thats a big goal for me.... the soda part anyways. I wont even look at a soda, just looking adds pounds!!

I will also try to find a healthy, yummy recipe that I can share. I'll try it out first just to make its yummy. ... and I'll take pictures ;-)

Also, LESS computer time!!! I can sometimes dwindle half my day sitting at the computer.

So now there is 2 3 of us.... where is everyone else? More team, more recipes more support.... and we all can use extra support.... and I'm not talking bras. Although it would be nice to have extra support there too.... especially when exercising ;-)

Ok, Didi and Danielle..... lets kick butt!!!



Danielle said...

Oh look, someone decided to include me:-)

bev said...

You'll have to be very patient with me. I don't know a thing about blogging and am actually quite amazed I was able to make myself a follower of yours.

Lisa said...

Thats ok Bev, you'll fit right in, nobody knows what their doing! ha ha
I cant figure out how to visit your blog.... You just cant click on you. Can you send me a link to your page and I'll put it in the sidebar?

Oh yes, I almost forgot...... WELCOME!!!! :) Glad to see you here

Anonymous said...

Welcome Bev!! I am new to this too.
We have to keep with the times in order to keep up with the new generation :-)