Sunday, October 4, 2009

Changing our outlook

It has been brought to my attention by a couple of you that you don't think "The Fat Farm" is a very suitable name for our group. And I will have to agree. Someone mentioned starting a Fat Farm and I thought it was cute and ran with it. But we want to stay positive.... keep a positive attitude towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Fat Farm sounds like a place that harvests fat.... and that's the last thing we want to harvest! So as you noticed, I changed the title to something better suited for our goals ;-)

I'll try to change the page URL too, but that will mess up any links and will need to be fixed later.

I'm also trying to remove that dreaded "D" word from my posts too :) This is only the first week, so I'm still working out the kinks and need your input.

By the way, why are you sitting here reading this, you should be out there walking!!! :)))
Enjoy your Sunday.... Me, Didi and Danielle are taking the day off ;-)


Zaroga said...
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Zaroga said...

I've had to take the day off... I didn't sleep well last night. So I've just worked on my blog design and who knows what I said. I'm sleep walking... er writing :-D I slept farmed at Farm Town on Facebook too... that's it. Oh and washed dishes... I wonder how many calories that burned :-) Do you burn calories taking a shower?

Lisa said...

Only if you wash like a madwoman :)
I'm addicted to Farmville myself... have you tried that one yet? Your fingers get a lot of exercise when its harvesting time ;-)
Look me up :)

Lisa said...

I almost forgot, washing dishes burns a ton of calories, I'm sure of it! ;-)

Hope you get some sleep tonight