Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One of my peeves

Tell me, are there rude people everywhere, or is it just California?
Its so frustrating when you're out walking, trying to keep up the pace and someone in a car sees you approaching a street they want to turn on and they accelerate to turn in front of you! I've even stepped foot into the street and still have had people turn right in front of. Sometimes so close I can kick their car!
Its not like I'm out on busy streets where there's a ton of traffic. I walk our community loop, which is a mile, twice. And in those 2 miles I see maybe 20 cars tops. I go at 9:00 so people aren't hurry to get to work, or to get their kids to school. And they could be driving at a normal speed until they see me starting to cross where they want to turn, then I hear rubber burning!!!

Come on people, what happened to good ol' Old Fashioned Courtesy!??
Ok, I'm done ranting. (deep breathe, positive thoughts now)
Hows your week going?


Zaroga said...

It is the same here, Lisa. They go out of there way to see how close they can come to me sometimes... most the teens that do that. Although the South is for the most part courteous there are exceptions.... and it seems to be in the driving department.

Anonymous said...

Same here, I came to the conclusion that people are just plain unconsidered. And the result of that behavior for people like us is that we turn into crazy maniacs by the time we hit 50 and just get short tempered with everyone. Is not that we are old..is that we are tired.
Feels good to vent!!!

Lisa said...

We just need to carry baseball bats!

Zaroga said...

I carry a walking stick... looks silly on suburb streets, but I can use it for something else if I need to. :-D