Friday, October 30, 2009

Safety Tip for Life!

This is my tip for the week which everyone SHOULD follow..... every time they walk in public!


The reason I thought of this, yesterday I set out for my normal 2 mile walk, I turned right off my street like I always do, going with traffic. About 1/4 mile into it a van passed me going the opposite way. It was an older beat up van and both guys in it stared at me all the way by..... it gave me the creeps! Then I worried the whole time about them turning around and coming up behind me with their van door open and throwing me in before I knew what happened. I was looking over my shoulder my entire walk.

When you're walking with traffic, anybody can come up behind you without you knowing.... especially for those of us wearing headsets and cant hear whats coming! So walk against traffic and  see whats coming your way!

October is almost over, how did you do on your goals? I will post my results and set new ones for November tomorrow :)

Before I go, does anyone else ever get swelling in your hands when you walk?
I ask because I do and was wondering why. Also I was asking mostly because I was wondering if anyone is paying attention ;-) 

Stay Safe!!!


Zaroga said...

I like to hear what is around me... growling dogs, people talking. So I won't wear headphones... even if I had them. I like to be aware of what is around me. I also bring my cane... even though I don't need it.. or my hiking staff. They can be used to fend off dogs or people. Dogs usually love me.. but there is a rottweiler that might love to eat me.

I have goals? :-D

Lisa said...

No Goals? Well then I guess October went well for you! :)