Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Looking for Exercise Buddies!!


I dont know about you, but I'm tired of worrying about my weight every day! Thats why I decided to start this blog for family and friends and I hope they will follow my lead.

The Plan: To set daily goals for myself... and follow through with them. With everyone watching, I'll be more likely to do them.
I'm also going to post delicious, good for you, recipes weekly. And any tips or suggestions, or thoughts I may have. And of course, I'll post my progress.... or non-progress if thats the case.

What I want from you..... the same :) Start your own fat farm (ie:TheFatFarm_Danielle, or TheFatFarm_Didi, etc), list your recipes so we can trade.... your thoughts, your ideas, your support, your stern words when I seem to be wandering off track. I'm not saying we need to yell at each other if we have a piece of cake one day.... We all need our guilty pleasures now and then.... just not ALL the time!

So who's in? The more the merrier :)


Anonymous said...

I'm tired also! Tired of fat blocking the view of my feet. Let us melt that butter away!!
I'm in !!! Let start with the basic, just 30mn a day of walking.. if you can do more.. then more power to you. 30mn of anything..swimming,dancing,.. anything !

Danielle said...

Ok - I'll be a weight loss buddy. No dieting. I am not dieting. I am changing how I eat FOREVER.

AND - please don't make me make a Fat Farm Blog. I already have a weight loss blog I started a couple months ago but I never intended to share it with anyone, but I will, just cause I love you.

Hopefully I can find the time this weekend to make the blog pretty - I never thought anyone would see it!!

newu2u said...

came across ur blog...looking for weightloss blog buddies to keep me